Dow Jones



    Greater NYC Metro Area

Responsible for development and maintenance of website applications for front—end initiatives, and overall site health/integrity across various platforms, specifically modules and builds within Dow Jones’ Factiva app. This is a web application that scoured licensed content from the world’s top media outlets, trade and consumer publications and business Web sites and allowed users to customize information and retrieve finely detailed search results. Responsible for coding these initiatives using jQuery, HTML5, CSS 3 (via direct .css file application as well as .less), Photoshop, PHP, Subversion, and JavaScript.

Responsible for determining UX/UI patterns, particularly for blueprints and personas. Responsible (via direct coding application) for ensuring the look and feel, as well as periodic redesigns/bug fixes/updates of the aforementioned sites across various browsers, including all current versions of Firefox, Chrome, IE 7.x and greater, as well as all current versions of Safari. This was done simultaneously on both PC and Mac platforms.

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