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    Greater NYC Metro Area

Responsible for front—end site development, integration, maintenance, migration and testing; also responsible for mid—level back—end code maintenance and testing across various systems and servers using HTML, UNIX, PERL and CGI code, along with some Cold Fusion and UNIX shell scripting via Telnet, VanDyke’s CRT tool and other tools. Responsible for maintenance of the World Wide Web Consortium’s back—/front—end coding standards in conjunction with Johnson & Johnson’s own WICO (Worldwide Internet Compliance Office) web development standards for usability and accessibility across all sites.

Responsible for creating deployment standards w/one of four global, internal Web Council Teams. This Deployment team consisted of worldwide members. Responsible for coordinating international efforts between team members in NJ, NY, Belgium and Asia. Also responsible for assessing existing deployment standards w/in entire company, and determining validity of the aforementioned standards.

Responsible for compliance and integrity for internal training LMSs for compliance integrity training for internal modules for new hires/contractors. Maintained SCORM compliance w/in these training modules.

Responsible for integrating technology with marketing strategies within the organization on a global level; worked closely with marketing representatives in NJ, CA and Belgium in order to determine what the best course of action would be from a technological standpoint to enable/enhance current marketing initiatives on a consumer and healthcare professional level for various J&J products and services, in addition to determining the validity of future marketing strategies and initiatives from a technological standpoint. Monitored metrics with Web XM, Web Trends and Google Analytics.

Responsible for back/front-end site testing and back-end code integrity (CGI—Perl, JavaScript, Java, XHTML, Documentum/eAdvantage) for J&J affiliate sites, programs, and various health care initiatives.

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