Responsible for the maintenance of website functionality for front—end initiatives and overall site health/integrity across various platforms. This website represented a social initiative for the Skype brand, and is comprised of a PHP back—end coupled with an HTML5 and CSS3 front—end. Responsible for maintaining front—end codebases across the website. Responsible for implementing front—end updates. Responsible for implementing responsiveness via CSS media queries. Technologies used were jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Photoshop and PHP.

Responsible for ensuring the look and feel, as well as continuous refinement/redesigns/bug fixes/updates of the aforementioned site across various browsers, including all current versions of Firefox, Chrome, IE 8.x and greater, as well as all current versions of Safari. Issue tracking monitored via Bitbug. Codebase maintained via Git. This was done simultaneously on both PC and Mac platforms.

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